Friday, June 27, 2014

Fail, all over again...

Never felt this way before,
So low, so down
It doesn't feel good anymore,
Living this life without a sound.

What has happened?
Lost hope have I?
Or will to struggle in this process,
I lose myself and die.

Hope isn't on my side anymore,
For lost confidence, I have,
Never Mind the sparkling sun rays and dews,
For I see darkness inside.

Caged in these thoughts I think,
What is it that the future holds?
Disappointment and failures,
Worries and rejects, I'm told.

What one does when one is lost?
When the world outside your headphone,
Seems to be alien,
For you are torn apart, and away from the world.

I know I need to get back,
For life has kicked the underbelly,
But strength eludes me,
And I fail again, all over again...