Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The story of my Tablet and the new Lenovo Yoga Tab #BetterWay

"In my view the tablet and the PC are different. You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC." Tim Cook
"Five to 10 years from now, if not sooner, the vast majority of 'The New Republic' readers are likely to be reading it on a tablet." -Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes thought of 5 years from then, but seems like the day was closer than expected. The world has been taken by storm with the advent of tablets. They have touched every single part of our life and here’s how I enjoy my tablet on an everyday basis.

To be very honest, the tablet I own is my life. It my tea time news reader, the toilet seat book reader, the web browsing buddy, the late night video watching tool, from the very moment till the time I sleep I am surrounded by activities which include my iPad*.

It has been 3 years since I bought this tablet and since then I have become a loyal user of it, never let it rest for a day. The tablet is a perfect companion when you need to do media and content consumption work be it web browsing to watching Rihanna's new music video, the always ON feature of tablets just turns me on ;)

I've shifted my entire work and entertainment base from my cranky old PC to this sleek device, responsive to every time I touch it. (I kind of feel that great, if you know what I mean) Jokes apart, my tablet is just the perfect all-rounder when it comes to doing about anything a student would want to do. Being a fanatic reader, I have over 600 e-books all on my tablet and the best part is now book reading isn't restricted till the time the lights are switched ON. Now I can keep reading way into the midnight without hearing my mom's dialogue, 

So ja! Raat raat jagta hai kya ullu hai? Sare din mein tujhe novel padhne ka nahi suujta?
(Doze off now! Are you a descendant of the owls? During the day you never ever think of reading the novel.)

How am I supposed to make her understand that I love reading at night, the stories just turn into reality when I'm lying on my bed and have completely immersed into the plot. My tablet just solved that problem so easily. Now I can live the book without the occasional midnight shouts of my mom.

My tablet is the best option for surfing the net, watching YouTube videos, stalking people on Facebook without having to go through the lugubrious and time consuming booting of my PC where all I do is stare at the Windows* Logo doing nothing but transitions to some old and boring animations. With just a tap on the screen I’m on the web right away and the best part is I can do that any place in my entire house, nothing can now confine me to one place (I hated being chained up sitting in front of my PC). So now right from the time I wake up and I’m in my bed drinking a hot cup of coffee, I instantly glaze through all my social networks in one go. Just beautiful.

With the best games now being launched on all major mobile platforms, it has been my game consuming machine. The thing that my PC could never offer was the motion based gaming’s real experience. The way I now drive my car at 300 mph in Asphalt 8 is way different & better than using those arrow keys on my PC. Evolutionary!

But there are some troubles with my iPad that the Lenovo Yoga** tablet aims to have sorted. So I went to the nearest electronic store to check out the new Yoga Tab and trust me they have done a wonderful job. Seeing the name and the way the tablet is designed, I was thinking to myself all sorts of wonderland stuff that I could do with that tab in my hand. It has an ergonomically designed body which makes it a perfect fit for your hands, the circular curve down there just gives the best hold mode out there available with any tablet and just above all the INSANE 18 HOURS BATTERY LIFE!!! (I can literally marry this tablet)

So the most outrageous thing that I thought after seeing the tablet was because it has such high grip in the hand, how if this tablet be used by someone who was air diving, using it to see his altitude while he falls under the weight of gravity and use it to open his parachute at the right time. With the way this tablet fits into the hand this is so possible.

This is how my iPad looks with its cover on top of it.
Using the stand mode my woes of holding the tablet all through the night over my head or sleeping in an awkward position so that I can read the book on my tablet can come to an end. While on the iPad I use a costly cover to function as a stand and provide protection, the Yoga tab doesn't need anything like that, with the built in stand it just fits everywhere you want it to stand without a sweat and the best part is the tablet isn't covered with a Rs. 2000/- blanket which just hides the beautiful design it’s meant to show off. Typing is so natural on the Yoga tab that I just fell in love with it the few minutes I spent with the product.

With the tablet designed so thoughtfully I find that the Yoga Tab can be used in more ways than we think it’s possible. Because of its unique design it can be used under mines by miners to get various information which can save them from a variety of incidents which cause so many lives. Inside anything where you fear of using your current tablet because it might just slip out of your hand because you know you don’t have a good grip on the tab and that bulking cover (sadly which converts to a stand) puts on excess weight and reduces productivity the Yoga tab is meant just for you.

I see infinite possibilities with its unique design which stood out from the crowd of tablets out there and the thoughtful design which makes using this tablet such an easy job.

It is truly a #Betterway than what is available out there.
To find out more please visit Lenovo’s official Facebook page at

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** Lenovo Yoga Tab is the new tablet from Lenovo. This post has been written for a competition on All photos used are sole copyright of Lenovo Ltd.


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