Sunday, November 10, 2013

The place I belong...

It has been long since I took to writing. Today I feel this overwhelming urge to pen what’s going on inside me. So here it goes…

Rain and flair, skies lit up, brilliance, the stars,
The moon witnesses everything, nights apart,
Thousands miles, everyone’s jubilant,
But does the sparkle live in everyone’s heart?

Pain and sorrow, are not too far,
Where love lies, and days are dark,
Gloom finds a corner to sit and stalk,
The prey isn't very far, the heart beats..

Things shatter, with no remorse,
Nothing can stop, it is inevitable,
Fake can’t last for truth won’t wear a veil,
Many dread the unveiled verity.

But it shows itself, naked and bare,
Heartless as it was, it destroys many,
This time, the prey was an image in this brain of mine,
Created by illusions around, but it lives no further.

Life isn't a mild teacher, harsh are its actions,
Meanings too great to comprehend,
For I learnt that nothing ever changes,
Change is brought about, it never just happens.

First impression always last, who cares what runs deep?
Chivalry hardly fairs, for the lame rules this world,
No one looks for the steady, for fast is the new vogue,
Fun, shameless and charming, attracts more.

Now I sit, not gloomy, not sad,
For I know my limits, I've paid enough for being foolish,
I will never blend, into the world of glamour and first-love,
This isn't my playground, I know I belong somewhere else,
I just don’t know where…

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