Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To the shore...

Let me be the way I am,
I have redesigned my own space for myself,
Of those that weren't meant to be,
I am not bothered about what I couldn't achieve,
Abundance would anyway ruin my life...

In your obscure world of dimness,
Like some piece of broken glass,
If you wish you can fly,
But I am not going to keep track and dip into the future..

If one early morning you,
Rediscover your love for me,
Don't stretch your arms in search of me,
I won't be beside you...

Don't turn on the lights to search for me,
I am now lost in the sea of humanity,
On this crowded station,
I won't be back,
Even by the last train..

Your world's moving around your ambitions,
If you could ever squeeze out time, please ponder,
Where am I in between your fingers?

In your materialistic world,
I don'
t want to be treated like vegetables,
Withering in your cold fridge,
Or a spec of dust floating in the glass of water..

The mast of my ship is shattered,
Still I'm scripting my own tale,
I'm no longer game for her midnight tantrums,
So I'm trying hard to swim to the shore...


  1. Hi, I like your blog very much and and I have awarded you with Liebster .. you may collect it here..http://www.renuvyas.com/

    1. Thank you so much Renu! I'm really all smiles here!
      It is my first blog award and I can't thank you more!
      I will put up my Liebster in a bit!

      Till then happy reading!