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Reliance Store Experience R-Mall - Mulund (Reliance Digital)

Standing alone, the self sufficient Reliance digital store at Mulund R-Mall presents herself as an elegant store different from others packed with the trendiest gadgets.

My experience at Reliance store.

Reception bit disappointing....
I had reached at R mall Mulund at 11:15 AM. There were   3 other guys who also came from Indiblogger.  We had a talk with the receptionist at the entry point but  she had  no clue about the event. She guided us to go to CRM reception where we came to know that the store manager was yet to arrive. However Mr. Nehal from Indiblogger spoke to Mr. Nair, the store AGM and make him understand the purpose of our visit.  

       But it never happened as expected The store manager will be expecting you" as stated in the invitation letter.

However we were   shown the store, it was amazing. We liked the concept of the store and the hard working staff who were focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. Some of the findings, which attracted us, follow.....

Reliance digital experience has got 3 dimension of outlook
1.    Reliance Experience
2.    Single point solution ,
3.    Customer focus

1.    Reliance Experience - once you enter the store you will be guided with the sales boy. He will understand your need and will take you to respective section of the store.  Each section has unique collection to understand the different specification and the device capability at one place. Once you select your desire specification you may go to the display section where you may select the computer, laptop, camera etc..from different brands. Photographs are attached for your understanding.


We were impressed by seeing the distance marked at 6/10/12 feet from the TV, this will give you a better understanding and you will really feel the viewing experience. This will give you an idea about the size of T.V you need at home. Reliance representatives are trained and experienced to guide you with latest technology and models available at their store. Attached photos for better understanding...

2. Single point solution - this was very impressive as Reliance has own set up for installation repair and maintenance team. Reliance also coming up with a customer call centre and customer complain cell. Services department promises to attend to all the complaints within 24 hrs including Saturdays and Sundays calls. Well appreciated...   

3. Customer focused - Sales person will guide you while educating you about product selection, demonstration, billing, financing if required and bidding you adieu. Work force of 50 employees with a monthly turnover of 2.5 Cr. Mr. Nair's confidence to increase it to 5 Cr within next 2 years is appreciable.

Some of the experiences about the store that needs to be mentioned are.....

1.    I-Pod billing (MPOS - mobile point of sales)- whenever there is a rush at the billing counter the sales person takes the I-Pod to the unit to be purchased, scan it, swipe the credit card and bills it with the help of the I-pod. It was launched 2 months earlier... Appreciated
2.    Sound proof digital sound experience- yes you may understand the real sound quality in sound proof room, I have not seen any other store having this facility.


3.    All items are kept open for visual understanding and for demo. Packed items are also kept underneath and you may pick up for billing.


4.    Customer satisfaction survey forms are being filled in ensured before any product is sold. This is something hard to find at other stores.
5.    TVs are hanged on the wall and the necessary accessories are kept below for better understanding and ready reference.


6.    Customer can reach to store manager or higher authority as the contact numbers are available at the billing counter.
7.    CRM will help you for all types of support you need at the  store


8.    You may ask for extended warrantee even if you have not purchased the product from their store. Engineers will visit to your home evaluate the product and the warrantee may be extended with appropriate cost.
9.    Video game section for your experience and gaming CDs are kept behind for your ready selection.

10. No separate section for IOS device due to shortage of space. Bit disappointing for IOS lover!



11. Gift problem? Reliance has come up with prepaid card that you can hand over the same to your loved ones. This is valid across all Reliance stores in India.



Good experience. A well planned and organized store. A person with no knowledge of the product may choose wisely as per his or her needs. You will really feel the difference from other store. Understanding product, live demo and one point solution i.e. finance, repair maintenance, extending warranty all under one roof makes the Reliance store at Mulund a pleasant experience to be relished.

Reliance store is not just looking to sale the product but focusing on a long bonding with customer. You experience and cherish it....   

Experience it all here at Reliance Digital

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