Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Who I am...

In the world around me,
Of smartphones and their thrills,
Of the processor speed, of the technology surreal,
I find myself lost, in the world of texts,
Lost while I search meaning in the ‘what’s up’s and the ‘chill’s,
I bow my head down, as I immerse myself into the gleam of the Retina display,
Showing me emoticons, that resemble no emotions,
I’m in a matrix, away from reality,
Where talking has lost sound,
Where meeting people is too ‘Old and out’,
Lost are the days of Wodehouse and Blake,
Lost are days of finding old pages turning pale,
Cause everything today is unreal,
Stuck on that screen, so emotionless yet dear,
‘Virtual reality’ seems to be the new fad,
But I’m losing faith in even my own self,
Who am I? I have asked myself,
To listen to myself which replies, “You are the person running,”
“Look at you, on that iPhone of yours, chased by the monkey,”
“You run afar, you have nothing but the temple gold,”
“And you are running to save your soul.”
I reflect on those and I find it true,
My soul isn’t the purest, my life isn’t the safest,
All I do from morning to dusk, is run,
My life isn’t any more about happiness, its about achievement,
How much I earn? How good I am?
With these things I loose ‘The who I am’…       


  1. exactly. life is no more about happiness. its about achievement, having always more than the people around us, being materialistic etc.

  2. Similar query rise in every life,nice writing :)

    Take a look of the same concept but i have written it playfully! :)

  3. @RAN IN JAN I am glad you find your thoughts similar to mine.

    @Sowmpu Thanks for the compliment...Im off to your blog to read your post :)