Monday, May 13, 2013

It's you...

When days turn lame,   
And I find myself stuck,
It's you who I look towards,
Gleaming eyes, eager soul,
Waiting for your words,
To sooth my tempest soul.  

When I see no path,
I find my legs walk towards you,
For you are the destination,
That my heart searches,
To find you there at the end of it all,
I find solace in life.

I imagined life without you pari,
Honestly its just a dark nothing,
When you whisper nothings into my ears,
I find my soul dancing to the melodies surreal,
I gather my strength, 
From you my love every single day.

While thoughts cross my mind, 
I just want to hug you,
Close enough that we become one,
Physically we merge to never part,
I wanna kiss you tender lips,
And think of forever in your caring arms always..

While you sit there on your bed,
Remember I always think about you,
I just want you to know that I love you,
To infinity and beyond, I am yours,
We have something that's so beautiful,
And the thing that makes it real, is you!

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