Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Bombing, Indian style… and more…

April 15th, 2013. Boston Marathon’s ending minutes. Suddenly an ear shattering noise followed by an aftershock and smoke caught most onlookers by surprise if not they were caught in the explosion. Onlookers describe that they saw body parts of people thrown in the air by the explosion and the subsequent blood bath, horrifying to state it in short
 Dr. Paul Biddinger was at a medical station near the Boston Marathon's "Heartbreak Hill" on April 15 when his pager went off, notifying him of the bombs at the finish line, five miles away. Biddinger, who directs emergency operations at Massachusetts General Hospital, was standing next to someone from Boston Emergency Medical Services and someone from the state health department as they got similar calls. They'd drilled for this moment, using actors pretending to be patients, paint bullets and controlled explosions. Federal funding goes to Massachusetts hospitals to train medical personnel to respond to disasters such as the Boston Marathon bombing. Fortunately, on April 15, within minutes, Biddinger and the other medical responders were headed to where they needed to be.

There were a few lives lost and many more injured even after the emergency services arriving at the spot within 15 minutes of the explosion. Well that’s how Uncle Sam operates and they should be proud of that.
What interests me in this entire incident is the possibility of the exact same thing happening during Mumbai marathon or a similar event, doesn’t matter lets imagine a bazar scene in the heart of (let’s not even name the city and hurt sentiments) XYZ in INDIA. (Now that’s important-India)

So yes an evening scenario, right after dusk, the weather suitable for a stroll while you shop at the shops and plan to spend time outside with your family or your loved one till late night. Why wouldn’t you? It’s Saturday night and after a week’s struggle to even get inside the trains (forget the torture that your boss inflicts on you) you certainly want to spend quality time.

As you step inside a shop you hear a loud explosion and the entire shop is engulfed in smoke within minutes. Your first instinct turns you to protect the people you care the most, but luckily everyone in the shop is safe and sound (though coughing like as if they suddenly have an asthma attack.) As the smoke clears a bit you find people running towards the place from where supposedly (and by this time you know that the place has been bombed) the bomb went off.

So what do you see? Well people dead, mutilated, blood blah blah… That’s too mainstream, it happens everywhere. We are in India, and there’s lots more to a scene that attracts me.

The first thing-total indifference!

If you’re an Indian then its too mainstream to catch your attention but just in case you will find swarms of people surrounding the dead and wounded, whispering, making sounds like they are deeply hurt. But are they really? Naah. Its just drama, act for the moment. The people wouldn’t even care to call up the emergency services (If there are any- FYI 100 is claimed to work like 911. Now don’t laugh on it. :P)
A cold shoulder, that’s all people will render there. A few with some emotions and humanity left will of course help and I dare not deny. They will go to help beyond expected probably even more efficiently than our emergency services which will arrive at the spot after the inspector babu has finished his cup of cutting chai and he thinks that he needs to go for an outing.

Well eventually everything settles at the place of the incident and there’s cordoning at the place for a few days. Then comes the politicians quotes and remarks.

“Bade sheharon mein choti baatein hoti rahti hai!” (In big cities such small incidents keep occurring.)

“Media is pushing this incident too far. There are only 9 dead!”

Isn’t it cool? Just 9 dead! Previous lives of people in this country of ours are just statistics!
‘Attacks of minor scale 9 dead 100 injured.’- our media too puts it in front of its viewers as stats. Number game that’s all these incidents have to it!

Forget blasts when a state faces drought, the Deputy Chief Minister says it’s not his fault. What is he supposed to do? Pee into the dams to fill them?

And this isn’t the worst part, the worst part is instead of revolting against such a system, our countrymen are slowing being swallowed in this quicksand. I over heard a fellow in the train talk about the Bangalore blast and he went like,

‘…arey it wasn’t that disastrous. It wasn’t like 100 were dead. 8-10 people is okay.’

Would an American die of shock reading this? I say anybody would! But we won’t, we are after all Indians and we are so accustomed to all this that it doesn’t even pick up our interest.
Girls getting raped and the Commissioner of police telling the parents of the 5 year old that they are lucky that their daughter is still alive!

What would’ve Obama done if he was the PM of India? The NIA created on the lines of CIA claiming that it would provide intelligence on such incidents, but mind you, the NIA comes to know about what happened through the news channels in India, we are that fast to act.

If our pizza gets delivered ½ a second later after the promised 30 minutes we jump with joy and make sure that it’s made free for us, but when the police arrives 2 hours after the incident occurs we act like cold blooded animals, we like watching the fun unfold on television, we love lighting up candles across important places. That’s all we love doing.

But yes its India and here everything is Chalta hai boss!(its okay)

And because of that, even I’m writing this post rather than doing something substantial to change the circumstances I wrote about. A couch potato in front of my PC with a glass of juice I wrote the entire article to maybe influence the few who aren’t in the quick sand yet, to appeal to those with sense left in them to do something and save this country from doomsday, and believe it or not, we do need Krishna right now to save us. Its beyond human capacity to even think about change when the entire system of judiciary and allied are so lethargic along with us. We in the process have become mere spectators and nothing else.

So I hope someone plays the role of the 11th avatar of Vishnu and make this country a peaceful and emotionally upright one like it was when Krishna stepped on Mathura. We want the sujalam sufalam India back and this is a request from all the people who feel that the end is quite near.

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