Friday, February 8, 2013

Does she know?

She says, 'Love me not, I am not worth it.'
'You'll find yourself someone, don't wait, go out with it.'
Does she know what it is to love?
While her words pinch the life out of me till dusk,
Does she know I love her?
Or is it me hallucinating her entire self?

She says, 'You're great, I would've loved you..'
'If not for my past, we would've kissed for sure.'
Does she know I am not at fault?
While she tells me how she can't fall,
Does she know I am lost in her?
To the extent, it's the end without her.

To me you shall always be, my only angel,
I don't want to burden you with my strange love,
I know I ain't the one you deserve,
But do you know, I can strive to be that one?
I tried everything you liked, witnessed a world with your eyes,
Do you know without you, I am blind?

People call me strange, to have given her all I cared,
Do they know, what she is worth?
No amount of money nor gold can weigh her out,
She is the one who holds my heart, makes it beat.
Nothing I can do, will ever be worthy of who she is.
But does she know this? Or is she ignorant of it?

It pains to let her see, slip away in the haze,
I am dying a painful death, day after day,
It's taking tearing me to survive the day, knowing that she has moved on.
Knowing that my heart isn't with me anymore.
She says, 'Find yourself someone better', 
What can I give this 'someone', when everything I have is you?

I am not insane, I am not drunk, oh I know for sure,
The days aren't the same, nights aren't peaceful,
Time is poison, slowly eating my entire self,
While I wait, for a window of opportunity, I see her smile,
I am happy for her, she has a life unlike mine,
But all this does she know? 

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