Thursday, November 29, 2012

My angel!

Have you realized a dream come true?
For a moment, to all my wonder, I have!
To tell you just, it’s the most beautiful thing,
Nothing feels better than at least living it once.

I used to dream, day in and day out,
People said, ’Look at him, he’s out!’
But how could I give up? Oh!
It was out of my control.

Holding on to what I never had,
Until the day, it really happened,
Out of the blue, my angel stood,
In front of me, frozen, I looked..

Paranoid, I though, I sweat in horror,
She wiped my brow, calmed me with her warm glow,
She kissed me, the last time,
then sung some tune and went…

Oh! The melody, pure ecstasy,
It still play, my ears sooth,
Her kiss, my greatest treasure, ever,
I lived it once, but I still dream of My angel!

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