Thursday, November 29, 2012

Castle of Glass

I thought I was strong,
But never knew I would break,
She ripped me apart,
Now how shall I get over this ache?

My friends used to tell me,
I had a stone for a heart,
Then why did it love, tell me?
What was she to melt a rock?

She was all I knew off,
For the few weeks we were together,
For now all that remains is the pain,
Remnants of a beautiful thing turned sour.

A stone for the heart is better,
It never endures misery,
I wished for a heart, so foolish of me,
Never knew the consequence would be such a tragedy…

These scars shall remain,
For time and age, they shall prevail,
They are marks of a terrible mistake,
Immortal as cracks, in this castle of glass…

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