Saturday, October 13, 2012

I hope she hears that...

I met her, she left me in a trance,
So gracious, her walk was a dance,
Her lock floating, she said ‘Hey!’
My heart skipped a beat, I murmered ‘Heya!’

But it wasn’t me, she said that to,
I was in the way, fate wanted me to,
Listen to her speak, oh melody!
Her arms around his waist, ‘Shall we leave?’

Who was she? I think I knew,
An angel in my dream? I guess so,
Her imprint never faded,
Oh! I loved that girl, I feel faint hearted.

She left me, a summer before,
I never screwed up, I swear though,
She found someone worthy off,
But left me in a messy draw.

I say, “I am over her”,
My heart says, “no never”,
The exit wound hasn’t healed,
I don’t know, if I’ll ever heal.

There were many who came,
But no one could replace, the mark she made,
A fool I am, to want her back,
But that’s the trurth, I hope she hears that…

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