Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You deserve the best!!!

How does it feel, to not be the best?
How does it feel, to realize you lost the bet?
The feeling’s terrible, trust me on this,
I failed to much to tell you this.

Never let someone,
Tell you your worth,
There’s always this ‘someone’,
Who’s better, and you’re worse.

Believe you’re the best, act like one,
Cause if you listen, the world will pull you down.
They never value what you have,
They shall crave for what they lost.

For your teacher, the ex-student,
For your lover, her ex,
For your parents, the other child,
Never will you be the best, if not in your eyes.

So be condescending, chuck the world,
They don’t care enough,
Give the best, think like the best,
Cause every soul deserves to be the best.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I hope she hears that...

I met her, she left me in a trance,
So gracious, her walk was a dance,
Her lock floating, she said ‘Hey!’
My heart skipped a beat, I murmered ‘Heya!’

But it wasn’t me, she said that to,
I was in the way, fate wanted me to,
Listen to her speak, oh melody!
Her arms around his waist, ‘Shall we leave?’

Who was she? I think I knew,
An angel in my dream? I guess so,
Her imprint never faded,
Oh! I loved that girl, I feel faint hearted.

She left me, a summer before,
I never screwed up, I swear though,
She found someone worthy off,
But left me in a messy draw.

I say, “I am over her”,
My heart says, “no never”,
The exit wound hasn’t healed,
I don’t know, if I’ll ever heal.

There were many who came,
But no one could replace, the mark she made,
A fool I am, to want her back,
But that’s the trurth, I hope she hears that…