Monday, June 18, 2012

Being with you...

I had seen it in your eyes,
Bright sun and blue skies,
Your heart was beating,
But I never knew it signalled cheating.

Seven years it has been,
You were mine, it's always been,
But the story was more than meets the eye,
You left cause he had blue eyes?

All the days I've spent,
Dreaming only you, wasn't pretence,
Your smiles, glittering eyes,
Weren't for me, sweetie pie.

I am devasted,
Oh no it's not because we separated,
I pity my being, swooning at you,
I am broken, being with you...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Love..

Well everyone writes poems about young hearts beating for each other. but don't you believe that most of them are fake? Yes ofcourse, the main hitch being that these young people get hooked within days and don't mind ditching each other right in front of a houseful movie permier (Such incidents actually make the movie more juicier. I guess every producer wants such things occuring in their premiers! :P) But let me today tell you a story about true love... well one found after 23 years of married life!!!

'Om bhur bhuvas bhav',
I gazed at the fire,
I am in a trans, I really don't know you,
The seventh phera ends, a bond is formed.
The pandit says, 'You two shall live 7 lives together..'
7 lives, I am not sure of this one yet!
With tears and sadness sulking in my heart,
I wade goodbye to the good ol' life,
And start walking on an unknown journey,
With a stranger, am I strange?
But that's how life is,
I started walking,
Kept pace with him,
I shouldn't complain, the ride was smooth,
We were in love but there was some part of me,
That never wanted to trust,
Until, the horror show!
I was scared as hell, my heart pounding right out off my chest,
He held my hand, my nails peircing his palms,
He comforted me, but I was way too scared,
But I trusted him for the first time,
My life in his hands,
And he was there to take great care of it...
That day, I fell in love for the first time..
We found our day of LOVE!!!