Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Their' Future...

A funny take of the cruel effect of the Bombay Municipal Corporation's decision to demolish the old buildings and build new ones in their place...

Tall buildings, malls and multiplexes,
Concrete architecture replacing the grizzled ones,
As the city abounds steep, with its buildings touching the heavens,
No one cares about their existence.

I am not talking about the birds,
No, not even of the animals,
This isn’t even for the people living in blight,
This is a thought for the poltergeists.

No one cares about them, as the city abates,
The old edifice, their places to dwell,
Where will they haunt, if those are destroyed?
Isn’t it our duty to think of them, after all?

I agree they don’t pay taxes,
I agree they don’t vote,
But they were once the citizen, once alive,
Don’t they have the right to live, even after life?

So stop these gruesome acts,
Don’t make the ghosts homeless,
Those are their last resort to their peaceful future,
So, won’t you give a thought, ‘the ghosts’ future’???

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