Monday, May 28, 2012

"Memorable" summer...

Well the summer's almost over, so I thought rather writing what I think I'll do, it will be great if I post a couple of incidents that occurred (with me in the spotlight, embarrassed) this very summer.


It was right at the beginning of the summer and I had a break from my college. So I went to my native city. It was particularly hot that day and then over it there was load shedding. (freaks!) So the natural breeze became the substitute of the 'Air Conditioner'. I lay on the soft grass that decorated the aangan, under the shade of the huge mango tree. I watched as my nieces played in the sun, the heat hardly bothering them. I dozed off.. (which I shouldn't have!) 

When I woke up, my nieces told me how "cute" I looked and how they wanted me to take them across the town to my aunt's place. Well I was bored and the sun was setting, plus you seriously can't say 'no' to my nieces.

I took them to meet my aunt. It was a little weird cause all through the way whenever anyone saw me they stared at me, unusual. I somehow never paid attention cause it's sort of in people to stare when they suddenly spot a guy in 
culottes making his way through the streets where people are in dhotis and pyjamas.   

But the case wasn't that simple. When my aunt came saw me, she broke into hysterical laughter. She just couldn't stop laughing. Catching her breath, she managed to say,
"..have you looked in a mirror......"

..and ran to the bathroom

To my shock , there was my face ...with designs drawn all over my face...including a moustache, beard...big red circles on my cheeks... 

The little artists had utilized their canvas to the fullest.And to add to it, I had walked all through the way wearing that on my face.
I rather would have died I thought.

My second story also happened when I was sleeping...sheesh..maybe I should only nap at home in a locked room,with a burglar alarm.

This time though there weren't my nieces here. It was a trip to Goa with all my college friends. It was a perfect holiday, fun, frolic, booze everything you need when with your friends in a tourist paradise. 

Early morinng we all decided that we will be driving to South Goa to this particular Kolva beach. So far so good, we reached there and after the snacks decided on volleyball, not on beach but half drowned in water.

With the sun at its high we were tired, (rather I was) and we all laid our beds on the white sands of the beach and decided we will take a nap and get ourselves 'tanned' (I agreed, it was unusual that the sun could actually make me darker than I already am :P)

But as usual I dozed a little too early. The next thing I remember, some of the girls were giggling and mentioning my name. and the phrase "yeah ..that's a awesome, lets do it!!" 

I thought they were up to some other games and I seriously wanted to sleep! So I didn't pay any attention. (I should have though!)
Well then as I lay there I heard a familiar sound but not really sure or cared what it was ..just enjoying the warm sun.

I heard, "pssssssht ....psssshhhht ...psssssht .." over and over again and odd
cool feelings on my legs, tummy, arms, and a mixture of soft giggles.

Then I felt someone gently moving my hands, and again,
"psssssht...pssssssht..." and giggles

But my patience was up when some silly fly was bugging my face, my forehead, my cheeks. With the natural instinct I tried to hit the fly with my hand but rather I woke up with a startled jolt, there was something mushy all over my face. I jumped up and everyone around me was in hysteric laughter.

Well there I stood, covered in whipped cream. (the pssshhhht sounds I heard). My face at first turned beet red, but then I too broke in to hysterical laughter.

So there it is few 'memorable' incidents this summer. 

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  1. Interesting.. nice piece of work..

    1. thank you... It's a pleasurable site to see yot finally reading my articles!