Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding my lost love...

It was 2009, December, the eve of my birthday, more than that I remember that particular birthday cause on that day I met my 'saathi', one that will be with me till date.

It was late at night when I reached the Nokia priority store, dragging my father into the store to buy me a new mobile phone. The salesman weary of the tiring day was not in all his enthusiasm to brief me on the various phones they stocked, but who cares, I had done my homework pretty well. It had to be an N-Series phone (for all those who don't remember, the craze for N series phones were almost as it is today for the iPhone) particularly N81.

The man brought out the new packed piece of the phone. My ecstasy knew no bounds. With the utmost care I tucked the box under my armpit and walked like a celebrity all down the boulevard.

That night I couldn't sleep. I explored each and every feature of it. I guess I knew more than the manual specified.

Today it’s been almost 4 years since I use the same phone. And as everything loses its luster so has my beloved phone. It is close to my heart but it doesn't have the feel which compels me to use it all through the day. It is something for me that only can receive calls and text messages, and believe me it no fun.

But as I thought that it has grown old enough to be replaced, there came the incredible ‘Vodafone Internet’ connection. I had to activate it due to work related issues, but it was something that rekindled my interest in my old buddy.

I am addicted ever so again to it. You will ask, ‘what's that great to have an internet connection on an old phone?’ Believe me there's everything to it. My phone was a 'smartphone' in its era, so there are mostly all the apps that have been developed recently. So the first thing I did was get all the apps.

So the vibrancy is back to the lusterless grey cell phone. I now on the move make all Facebook status updates, Whatsapp helps me connect with all my friends, sharing media along with IM, Skype, oh my I never thought my phone's front camera will be used, but with video calling feature, it sure does helps a lot.

I guess it’s been days, no months since I had accessed any social networking site on my PC! From news on the go to the silliest online games, I have everything now right in my palms, all I need to do is flip the slider and everything comes to live right on the small 'non HD' screen of my brilliant phone.

Internet on the go! What a concept! From me deciding to end my treaty with my phone and being on the verge of spending for an iPhone, I today have no regret that I have an old phone in my palms. It rekindled the lost love between us, what would have been better than this.

Fun sure is something that has been a feature with the internet on my phone, but it has surely done something much more valuable than that... I guess only people who love their phones as their girlfriend/boyfriend will acknowledge the true meaning and emotions that fill my heart as I write this post and update my blog using my old buddy!

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  1. I love my phone the same way you do... Its hard for me to buy a new one each time

    village girl

  2. Good to read your post! very true account of how one uses the phone and internet :)

  3. Thank you Roopz and Saher.. It feels great to see that others could connect to the feeling I share with my phone!