Monday, April 16, 2012


I stepped into the elevator,
It locked me up from a world so dire,
I look at myself in the mirror,
I see all the masks I dress the day, entire.

Am I real? I ask myself,
Which mask is the real me? I wonder,
I am so lost in this world of lust and duff,
I am many faces, the real me hidden deep under.

The elevator is my only solace,
The only place I am me,
Away from prying eyes, soothing my soul,
The cubicle is all I want to be, for enternity to come.

My world's a mess,
So many promises, so many tests,
If only I could run away from all this cess,
I would have lived my life much to it's fullest.

It reaches it's destiny, stops to a halt,
My illusional facade back on my face ,
There are tears under the mask, unnoticed they fall,
This is life I guess, so here I go again...

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