Thursday, February 16, 2012


A small incident, is that enough,
A small quarrel, is that what it takes,
To ruin what has been built,
Through years of sacrifice and understandings?
Why is there this hollow?
Inside me that is making me feel,
I can’t trust anyone, I am no-one,
Whatever I do is wrong, why can’t I trust?
Why has my heart broken this way?
If it was for a girl, I would’ve been okay,
But this is worse than that,
When you feel, you are alone…
Friends are the ones you tell our stuff,
But if they become the cause of your rust,
There is nothing that hurts worse,
There is nothing which can ever repair this lost trust…

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The DEVIL inside me...

I hate them,
Who bully the weak,
The one in need,
Who hear the clarion call,
And act for their families.

I hate them,
No matter how trivial,
Their jokes may be,
It pierces the victim’s hearts,
It hurts them beyond any thought.

Unknowingly, I did what I hate,
I laughed at someone’s pain,
Poured salt in his already throbbing wound,
I turned a DEVIL,
Laughed to disgrace.

No apology, no sorry,
Will ever mend what I have done,
But at least I know now,
I am not what I thought,
DEVIL really is wearing a Prada…