Wednesday, December 28, 2011

STUCK but TRICKED out...

Alright let me give you a background for the incident which occurred 2 years ago. I had,( uh… still have even after the incident) a friend named Tyson. Now the thing is his mom was one of the teachers in our school. She used to teach ‘Science’ to the higher secondary students.

The year began and we all entered the senior year in our school, we entered higher secondary. Unfortunately we found out that Tyson’s mom was to teach us science for the entire year. And I didn’t say ‘unfortunately’ just for nothing…she is not the person you will actually like to have as a teacher in your formative years.

From our seniors to everyone in our class used to curse her for the way she taught. But never in front of Tyson.

It was a fine afternoon. I, Tyson and another friend of mine were talking, when suddenly the topic ‘Science’ came in the picture! And I being the blabber-mouth started with-

“That Bitch has ruined my entire interest in science!”

 And bam! I did the forbidden. I realized what I just said…it was horrible. Both of them stared at me with wide eyes.

 I had to do something, it couldn’t continue further like this.

“Arey… Viraj, (He’s the other guy there) I was talking about our tuition teacher man she is bad…”

When suddently out of nowhere Tyson said,

“Why are you changing the topic, Soutik? I know you are talking about my mom.”

I was totally flummoxed; my plan didn’t work at all. What was I supposed to do? Suddenly I couldn’t find anything to say. My soul is soaking up shame like a sponge and I am beginning to weigh the value of my friendships against the magnitude of my embarrassment.  

But I kept a tight upper lip. I didn’t stumble upon. 

With my voice barely leaving my throat I said,

“What? No seriously I didn’t say anything about her…why are you…”

“No Soutik, even I know she teaches not quite good.”

This was the only way out of this I had.

“Seriously Tyson, you are really shameless. Don’t talk about your mom like that! Even we don’t say such bad stuff about your mom.”

And by the grace of God, his mom entered the room right at that time, and with ecstasy fueling my adrenaline, even before greeting her I almost shouted,

“Maam! Look what Tyson is saying, he’s saying that he doesn’t like your teaching! How you say such a thing Tyson?”

The fury which overtook his mom’s face was frightening but I was happy cause now the conversation was over I was out and now it was Tyson’s turn to face his mom.

His mom took him to his room pulling his ear, he screaming his guts out pleading sorry. And then as the door banged behind them, all we could hear was the shouting and pleading.

I and Viraj sneaked out of the place.

With the blank look on his face Viraj asked,

“Dude what the hell did you just do?”

With the composure of a mature man (remember I was only 14 at that time.) I said,

“Nothing… just got out a really sticky situation!”

 It felt heaven…

P.S.: I am really sorry for this Tyson...I didn't intend to write a blog post. But the prize for this competition are too lucrative... :P

Sunday, December 11, 2011


She is always there,
From the tethering day,
to the smothering night.
 I find her beside.

No matter how bad I treat,
No matter how much I hate,
She stays,
Without much complains.

 She isn't any ordinary girl,
She's the most important one,
But I don't know what makes me scream,
' I hate you Bitch!', awake and in dreams.

 The instance she tries to abscond,
I beg her to stay forever,
I know i am nothing without her,
Still I never valued her.

 Its not only me,
Everyone has one like her,
Think on this,
She's the girl called 'LIFE'...