Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I shall Avenge!

They say that I can’t, ‘No way you just can’t!’,
Questions of doubt when I try, I’m a looser to them,
‘I have and will always loose’, says even my aunt,
But am I the one to listen to them?

No! I shall avenge my pride,
I shall fight until I die,
I will tell them, I never hide,
I will be victorious, I shall defeat them in their stride.

They are looser, trying to pull me down,
But their strings aren’t strong to hold me on,
I will float, no matter how bad they want me to drown,
I will live my glory as long as I belong.

The world is wrong, not me,
And I shall change the way it is,
I ruin anyone who is up against me,
Cause I will not tolerate the way it is!


  1. Very powerful writing! Loved it!! :)

  2. Thank you Saru and Fiona... You people always bring smiles on my face :)