Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I shall Avenge!

They say that I can’t, ‘No way you just can’t!’,
Questions of doubt when I try, I’m a looser to them,
‘I have and will always loose’, says even my aunt,
But am I the one to listen to them?

No! I shall avenge my pride,
I shall fight until I die,
I will tell them, I never hide,
I will be victorious, I shall defeat them in their stride.

They are looser, trying to pull me down,
But their strings aren’t strong to hold me on,
I will float, no matter how bad they want me to drown,
I will live my glory as long as I belong.

The world is wrong, not me,
And I shall change the way it is,
I ruin anyone who is up against me,
Cause I will not tolerate the way it is!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Ode to Jobs...

He had an apple, unlike Newton’s, it was half eaten,
It somehow fell on his head, and he rediscovered the fruit,
Making people say ‘iPhone!’, whenever anyone named the fruit,
The fruit, became a legend  unbeaten.

You know I am talking about whom,
He was the role model of many,
The visionary not like any,
The world needed him, without him it wouldn’t have bloomed.

Stevie, an elixir of brains and devotion,
The person, every individual wanted to be,
He made the ‘mac’ and the ‘i’,
He made the world go crazy with the 'Apple' commotion.

He won many battles, but lost the one with his life,
Surrendering to his pancreas, he breathe his last,
For every tech enthusiast, a magician was lost,
The news made every heart skip a beat, that’s what he was.