Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nurture the Nature...

Screaming, shouting, she calls for help,
Buzzing, guzzling we destroy her realm.

Cutting, thrashing through the greens,
Building the mansion for our dreams.

We are superior, we call her weak,
Nothing can stop us, not even she.

Her patience knows no bounds, as she waits,
And waits, when we try to bring her down.

But as she stirs, in agony and pain,
We feel the tremors, it’s time to break.

But we are superior, we don’t bow,
It’s her to adjust, nothing can stop us now.

As we torture her to the extreme,
She tries to save us by all her means.

She will never let us suffer, that holds true,
Till she collapses, with us all bemused.

She’s not good, we scream in pain,
Cruel, brutal we all blame.

Weren’t we superior, and she weak?
Then why is the mighty afraid of the meek?

Nature never meant to hurt,
Still trying to help us but…

It’s over the brim, she can’t handle,
Time has come when we pay in handsome.

There is time, still left to pass,
Stop this torture and repair the loss.

Cause we should understand, it’s she who rules,
We are just creatures,  we ain’t here to rule!

So stop this cruel, brutal act,
Going GREEN is not that bad.


  1. It's marvelous in fact it's perfect...

  2. Its so kind of you...and thanks a lot for the follow!:D

  3. wow!its really a great concept of going green...with beautiful flow till the end...very nice ....
    this shows how much social responsibility you take :)
    keep writing more poems i would like to read more stuff......:)
    keep smiling always :)

  4. wow! fantastic way of expresing the problem. I really loved your work. Looking out for more and more:) and i especially like the last words, Going GREEN is not that bad.

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely comments Sowmya and Niya...I am all smiles here :)
    And Sowmya surely I'll keep writing :)

  6. What a marvellous piece
    high expetation fr you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    write it