Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day with my friends…

Left our homes, to enjoy the day,
Off to someplace, on a majestic day,
Jolly as ever, we all meet in hugs and praises,
‘Catch the train!’, someone raises.

Running, hoping to make it,
The train speeds, we still hop on it,
Sighing in relief, we drop on the seats,
The engine thugs, as our heart slows the beats.

Making fun of one another, we reached,
Living life to the fullest, was what we preached,
Like little toy soldiers, we marched on the pathway,
A little loud, we talked like we were on a mad-way.

Nothing could have ruined, the day had to be the best,
Jumping, until the screen said ‘no seats left’,
Sullen faces, sunk in deep mentation,
How can this be? We weren’t ready for this position.

Blaming each other, we searched other screens,
In newspapers, the net, we did everything,
But the city was short of options, to suffice us,
There wasn’t a cinema, I was the dufus.

Too late, but hopes still high,
We make to someplace, thankfully it was nigh,
Waited a long time, bored to the extreme,
Trudging through the mall, we ate munchies.

Five forty five, the time arrived,
Racing before anyone, we got ourselves inducted,
The credits displayed, excitement fluxed,
We chilled through, and out of the multiplex.

Weary of the day, we boarded the train,
Back home, crushed by the herd of hoi polloi,
About ten in the night, we reached home,
Then came the part, got scolded by our mom…