Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demi Lovato- An Inspiration!!!

Yesterday, Demi Lovato spoke candidly On Air with Ryan Seacrest about her time in rehab and her new song “Skyscraper.” She revealed that recording the song was an extremely emotional and cathartic experience for her. Her ultra personal interview with Ryan had everyone wondering what the music video would be like. Well, Lovatics, wonder no more! Here’s your first look at the “Skyscraper” music video! It’s definitely something different but we have only good things to say about this fresh new look and sound for the popstar!
Listen to Demi Lovato Talk About Her Time In Treatment [VIDEO]
The “Skyscraper” video is visually stunning and one of the most moving music videos we have ever seen. Demi and director Mark Pellington have captured the depressing essence of Demi’s recent transgressions and created something of a rebirth for the Disney star. Instead of her usual colorful, bright, and fun music videos, Demi is pictured against a bare and naked landscape in the Salt Flats desert.
Listen To Demi Talk About The 12 Hour Desert Production of “Skyscraper”
The video seems to be an artistic expression of Demi’s past problems and the heights and success she has yet to reach rather than a literal interpretation of the song’s title. The shattering heart is an especially powerful allusion- perhaps it parallels Demi’s breaking confidence as her insecurities overwhelmed her before she sought treatment.

Demi Lovato Reveals New Cross Tattoo [PHOTO]
This video is emotional not only for Demi herself, but for viewers and fans, as well. There are moments when she holds a piercing gaze directly into the camera, clearly fighting her tears. These shocking and painful shots tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Revealing and poignant, the music video marks a milestone for Demi. Now that she has concluded her treatment in rehab, she has recognized that her problems are not over.
Demi Lovato Thanks Fans for Getting Her Through ‘Darkest Time of Her Life’ [VIDEO]
“Skyscraper” points out that she will have to face her problems for the rest of her life. It looks like Demi is on the right path, though: seeking relief through music is a great way to manage pressure and stress. The “Skyscraper” video is a heart wrenching exposé into Demi’s journey of personal struggles, recovery, and finally, success. We love it! Do you? Sound off below!
Skyscraper Lyrics
Skies are crying
I am watching
Catching teardrops in my hands
Only silence as it’s ending, like we never had a chance
Do you have to, make me feel like there is nothing left of me?
You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!
[Demi Lovato]
As the smoke clears
I awaken, and untangle you from me
Would it make you, feel better to watch me while I bleed?
All my windows, still are broken
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!
Go run, run, run
I’m gonna stay right here
Watch you disappear, yeah
Go run, run, run
Yeah it’s a long way down
But I am closer to the clouds up here
[Demi Lovato]
You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper, Oh
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!

Courtesy Ryan Seacrest

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meaning of signs...

Sign on a railway station at Patna:
Aana free, jaana free,
Pakde gaye to khana free.

Seen on a famous beauty parlor in Bombay:
Don’t whistle at the girl going out from here.
She may be your grandmother!

Seen on a bulletin board:
Success is relative
More the success, more the relatives.

Sign at a barber’s saloon in Juhu, Bombay:
We need your heads to run our business.

A traffic slogan:
Don’t let your kids drive if they are not old enough
or else they never will be.

Its God’s responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations
It’s our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god.
- Indian Armed Forces

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Chester (Who forgets himself) and To me(Who wants to)

I smoke in chains, to make my head go a-spin,
I quench my thirst on a tonic and gin.
Yet I don’t get numb; no spell to break the curse
So I sit at my table and write some free verse.

Alas hades, even that won't cheer my broken-heart blues.
However do I get rid of this jinx?
Thus I grab my clubs, and put on my plus-fours,
And trod off for a game on the links.

I hold the wood, my "ee on the ba'"2
And "drive 'em straight", not short nor far;
Missing the bunker and over the lake,
A perfect swing, that’s hard to make.

The brassie-shot, I "dinna press"3,
Right on the green, so far.
I take my putter; hole out in two,
Doing it all one under par!

Oh the joy, in this noblest game!
Puts all the wounds and sorrows to shame.
So, I tee the ball and take an aim,
Keep my "heid still"4; do it all again.

I beat the pro. with a sixty-five,
In amazement he says, "Gosh!"
A woman, you know, is only a woman,
But a hefty drive is a slosh.

1. Chester Forgets Himself (title of a short story)
2. Eye on the ball
3. Do not press
4. Head still

This one is essentially a product of two Wodehouse quotes.
1. Love has had a lot of press-agenting from the oldest times; but there are higher, nobler things than love. A woman is only a woman, but a hefty drive is a slosh. (A Woman Is Only A Woman from The Clicking Of Cuthbert)
2. In similar circumstances (heart-breaks) those who have not had a sound training in golf are too apt to go wrong. Goaded by the sudden anguish, they take to drink, plunge into dissipation, and write vers libre. (Chester Forgets Himself from The Heart of a Goof)
Most other quotes and ideas are also from Wodehouse – except the heart-break, of course.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day with my friends…

Left our homes, to enjoy the day,
Off to someplace, on a majestic day,
Jolly as ever, we all meet in hugs and praises,
‘Catch the train!’, someone raises.

Running, hoping to make it,
The train speeds, we still hop on it,
Sighing in relief, we drop on the seats,
The engine thugs, as our heart slows the beats.

Making fun of one another, we reached,
Living life to the fullest, was what we preached,
Like little toy soldiers, we marched on the pathway,
A little loud, we talked like we were on a mad-way.

Nothing could have ruined, the day had to be the best,
Jumping, until the screen said ‘no seats left’,
Sullen faces, sunk in deep mentation,
How can this be? We weren’t ready for this position.

Blaming each other, we searched other screens,
In newspapers, the net, we did everything,
But the city was short of options, to suffice us,
There wasn’t a cinema, I was the dufus.

Too late, but hopes still high,
We make to someplace, thankfully it was nigh,
Waited a long time, bored to the extreme,
Trudging through the mall, we ate munchies.

Five forty five, the time arrived,
Racing before anyone, we got ourselves inducted,
The credits displayed, excitement fluxed,
We chilled through, and out of the multiplex.

Weary of the day, we boarded the train,
Back home, crushed by the herd of hoi polloi,
About ten in the night, we reached home,
Then came the part, got scolded by our mom…