Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got to keep moving on...

Early morning by the river,
I sit and quiver,
To the unholy wind,
That blew within,
It’s a demon,
Which ruined this human,
For all I remember is the darkness,
After the surreal.

It was a mistake gaze,
That caught me amazed,
It was the start of the game,
The first half of the blame,
Back then I never knew,
You lead to tears, no few,
Cause I never knew that,
Life could be a demon’s avenue.

The day was bright,
And my spirits high,
It couldn’t had been better ,
For life to turn this bitter,
You walked away from me,
Throwing away all the memories,
Now all I see is your picture,
Girl, I want to see you no more.

As I sit by the river and quivered,
She held me from behind and uttered,
‘Keep all your worries in my pocket,
I’ve got a key so we can lock it,
I swear I won’t let them escape.’
‘But how do I believe, you wouldn’t be another mistake?’
She whispered, ‘Yesterday’s gone,
And you got to keep moving on…’ 

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