Thursday, May 19, 2011

Really beauty lies within...

In a recent converse with my friend, we came across the topic about beautiful girls. My friend was eying someone who was considered to be the best looking girl in his class. Totally smitten by her beauty, he was continuously blabbering about her smile, her eyes, her nose, and he went on and on. Phew! I had a tough time to listen to all this, but somewhere in the middle of the conversation, I started wondering what real beauty is?

Pondering over it, I realized it wasn’t all about the external appearance that matters the most, it’s about the inner beauty also. But do our eyes give us that comfort to view the inner beauty? No way, our sense of vision is way too faint to reason out the real beauty of a person. We all fall for what we see on the outside. We are slaves to the beautiful outside. Talking about us teens, we eventually fall in attraction with a girl who clearly is a treat for the eye.

But when we be with a person for long enough we realize that no matter how beautiful he/she is on the outside, we can’t stand them if they act all ugly through their actions and activities. A person sober in behavior, humble in actions and caring in dealing is far too preferred that an arrogant, self-centered or proud person. So centering on the thought it is what lies inside which matters, the outside beauty will wither away with time, but what’s inside will always remain with us.

To put it in a nutshell
'Beauty is simple reality seen with the eyes of love.'
So, no matter what you look like in the mirror, your behavior will always pave the path for everyone to look beyond the obvious and acknowledge you, though it may take time, but its worth the wait.


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