Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The best we ever do!

Your mother’s shrieking voice,
When she finds you are enjoying a snooze,
With your face dipped right into the textbook,
Finding havens in the woolgathers,
That only makes way,
When your head’s dipped in the formulae,

As the voice hits your eardrums,
You suddenly revoke the bosom,
Upright you sit,
Focusing your caput,
But the booze doesn’t leave so early,
When the hangover is from the study,
You jerk your head,
When all you want is a bed.

Rub your eyes,
Splash water on your face,
You plead like a moocher,
When your body denies the torture,
Your head bangs the table with prostration,
 And you drift away in the aspiration,
That you will one day become,
Someone whose beyond the scope of the book to maturate.  

Have you thought,
What’s the best thing we have ever done?
For years now we all are searching, adopting,
New ways to exalt our method  to cheating,
Decades passed and we have done it,
It no shame try not to deny it,
For escaping study,
Is the best thing we do, buddy.