Monday, April 11, 2011

A Tribute

A day in the year,
Maybe 91 for what I hear,
I was born to her,
A week before Christ to Mary,
For I lay in her arms,
With no fear of harm,
As I sleep in her front,
 The moon surrenders to Erebrus’ son.

I grew a toddler,
I know now how a troubler,
For what I did was indubitable,
But her frown was what was unseeable,
I grew a preschooler,
A naught little fooler,
Always ready to surrender,
The burden for her to tender,

I went to college,
And I loved the bad knowledge,
To forgo her love,
And live in dreams of someone else’s dove,
I knew it was bad,
But the pot was so clad,
That it sunk the feeling,
 That a child had.

I said, ‘Leave me I have my dream to fulfill!’,
And without the slightest frown she let me free,
As I wandered through the path of my dream,
I started losing the sight of her loving frame,
At that time what felt right,
is now the biggest regret of my life.

Now I own a home,
A luxurious one to caress my moans,
But as I sit in this sinthy house,
My mind wanders like a moose,
For now I understand what was it that took me here,
Cause I have lost my own attitude to my peers’,
The love, the care, that the world strives for,
was once so nigh,
But I let it slip through my fingers,
Regretting now for the slumber…

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