Thursday, April 7, 2011

Manhattan Dreams Chapter 2

So I tried to do different things- from writing songs and then realizing that it wasn’t even good enough to write a few rhyming words to trying to read and understand the concept o relativity so that I could understand why  in particular Stephen Hawking said that going to the future is possible. But the tasks at hand were too difficult for an unskillful person like me. Although I did understand a little bit of relativity but in order to be famous in the field of science you need to build or write some theories on, of which none I felt I was capable of doing. So leaving everything aside I made a fool proof plan of studying hard, get into MIT and pursue engineering from there and finally do my MBA from Strandford which would enable me to slowly climb the ladder to the post of CEO in an MNC. So you might be thinking on how this boy lived without a place he loved to live or spend time in. Well I am deprived of home love but I too had place where I found solace, McDonald’s restaurant. It was a place where I could meet new people with new thoughts on every new order I took or every new dish I handed to a customer. Also working with me was a 15 year old boy named Joe. He was 5 feet 6 inch tall guy, who quite looked like Mr. Bean with his curly hair and thick eyebrows. But he wasn’t as dumb as Bean rather he was really intelligent. His vocabulary could even give Wodehouse a chase for money. His life wasn’t as miserable as mine. He had come from Michigan, didn’t have parents who would love to hover over you. It was something so that his life was all I wanted to live. But everyone comes with his own destiny.
Joe also had plans for joining the MIT but his interest was to do research so obviously he had to pursue plain science. But to tell the truth he had already started the preparations for his future studies. He had already begun solving complex algebra problems and also been trying to proof something on his own. More to say he had software which could decipher the original voice that has been used for recording without all the sort of adulterations that they do to make the voice more clinical. So, new artists were judged by us on the basis of their original voices and not on the soundtrack. In short Joe could do things that trained professionals were able to do.  
Our lives were opposite but same. He too worked at the Donald’s and at the same time slot in which I worked. So in the essence of it we developed quite a good friendship. We regularly used to talk on the phone when there was a long weekend or a long period of break in our meeting. He was a person I looked up to. As you might have noticed that I was a person with very less or actually only one friend till now but Joe on the other hand had a huge friend list. So even if I didn’t talk or pay attention to his words it never mattered to him but the contrary was always hurting. It stabbed me to death. But life has to move and with that so have we.
It was the last year in the school. As I entered the room there was a kid with thick glasses resting on his nose sitting on the last corner bench while the others were giggling and doing stuffs that regular teens would do. Seeing him sitting lonely in the corner I reached him and sat beside him. No soon did I sit his jolly voice with the slight amount of croak which made it a voice to die for squeaked,
‘Hi, I am Nathan.’
‘Well hello. I am Jack. It’s nice meeting you. So you are new in this school?’
The yes in his voice was so low that I could feel how lonely he felt here. He looked like an interesting person but by the curse of my nature I cannot befriend people too fast.

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