Saturday, April 16, 2011

I can't survive

As the time struck 11,
I wished my luck was even,
Cause from the day she left,
I have been living in a debt,
I always tell, ‘So what if she’s not there?’,
But the truth is that there is only regret.

That day when I went to school,
My gut splendored that something will ruin my noon,
I walked right to her,held her arms and told her, ’I missed you’,
But the frown reflected, I had everything to lose,
‘It’s over.’ Was what she replied,
My hands dropped, and a tear rolled down my cheeks.

It was too soon to end,
I never wanted it to end,
Standing on the corner of the hallway,
Was trying to remember it all the way,
For I went wrong somewhere,
To  make her say, ‘we are nowhere’.

Living now was a punishment,
Every second the pain rejuvenates,
The loss is quite more than I can handle,
I don’t know where and when I’ll topple,
But there is something in me telling me to stay,
Telling me, ‘There’s still hope in the gray.’

 As the sun sets, and night befalls,
Another days gone in the hope of recall,
But the pain that resides inside,
Is quite a homicide,
I’m losing it all,
Cause I can’t survive like this at all..

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