Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ever wondered why you surge with a rage of anger when someone says something in contrast to your views? Think. Of course you will say that 'He/she is wrong and is not ready to accept it.'
But have you ever thought that the fact that you get angry is because somewhere down the line your conscience knows that you have less knowledge about the subject.

You might think what bullshit I'm talking 'bout. But it's not. OK let me ask you a question, What is the value of 2+2?

Definitely 4 you'll say? But i say it is 5. now hold your thought there. what is it that you feel on hearing that my view on the question is that the answer should be 5? Isn't it related to commiseration? Don't you feel pity for the knowledge I possess?

You surely do. This shows that your knowledge about the matter is true to the core. So it is pity rather than anger which your brain signals to respond to.

So the next time you feel angry about something or someone always think that somewhere down the lane you are at fault. Remember this and you'll be ridden from the spook of anger.

Happy Living!!! 

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