Saturday, January 29, 2011

more than others think is safe,
more than others think is wise,
more than others think is practical,
   more than others think is possible.

Liberty Walk

Dream is what life is all meant to be... so why do we all fear to dream. As kids it was all that we did, "What will I become?"..maybe Doctor, the next day we say the President...but as we grow it diappears all together. Why? All we now talk about is a good job, a hefty pay package, a respectable position in the company. Where is the Einstein, Picasso, Gandhi that once dwelled in our souls?

It's the world thats killing us. So, go out there, choose what you want to be, dream out loud, put your self in the position you wanted to see when you were ten.

This world we say is liberated from all sorts of bonds so why are we still held in?

Walk the way you wanted to..

This is to all the people who are trying to make you feel you are less than that, who are trying to put your dreams off the track....

'I'm all right.
I'm gonna get it.
I'm gonna live it.
Cause it's a liberty walk!!'